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Investment Management

For most individuals managing an investment portfolio has become complex and difficult. The number of financial products available to individual investors has exploded in recent years. In addition, investors are continually bombarded with contradictory banter and "noise" from the financial media. The newest fads and financial scandals appear with discouraging regularity.

It is not surprising that some investors are confused and do not trust the financial system. Where do you turn when you simply want to ensure favorable returns with acceptable risk and prudent diversification?

In search of guidance, you might receive biased or contradictory opinions from financial salespeople, the media, or even friends and relatives, which might get you sidetracked, confused, or worse.

Our Solution

We recognize that individuals today have increased expectations for prudent risk management and sophisticated asset allocation.  We offer a disciplined, unemotional, and highly diversified investment approach that offers objective advice and solutions to problems, rather than financial products to buy.

Our investment approach is called asset class investing. It is an approach based on the science of investing that cuts through the noise and confusion by focusing on what really drives investment return, helps to reduce volatility, and simplifies the investment process. The core concepts of asset class investing are not new. They are time-tested and supported by decades of empirical research.

Our team of academic leaders include three Noble Prize winners in Economics and other recognized leaders in academic research. The Noble prize winners are Eugene Fama of the University of Chicago, Myron Scholes of MIT and Stanford, and Robert Merton of MIT. Distinguished academic researchers includes Kenneth French, John Gould and George Constantinides of the University of Chicago, Roger Ibbotson of Yale, Edward Lazear of Stanford and Sunil Wahil of Arizona State.

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