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Retirement Planning

Fulfilling retirements don't happen by accident, they are a product of pro-active planning. At The GM Financial Group, LLC we help you retire with confidence and enthusiasm for the future.

Picture the Possibilities - Preparing

We help you to clearly define the next phase of your life. Whether your focus is travel, relaxing, contributing to the community or even pursuing an "encore career," planning helps your vision become reality. We translate your dreams and goals into a concrete plan that establishes accumulation and saving targets in order for you to reach your goals. This plan integrates with your investment strategy and builds in protection against unanticipated and disruptive events. As you grow closer to retirement, the plan becomes increasingly specific and is updated in-depth every year to prepare you thoroughly for a successful transition.

Create Confidence - Transitioning

As you transition into retirement you will face important decisions. Have you saved enough? When do you start taking benefits from Social Security or pensions and, if married, maximize the collective benefit? What medical and other insurance may you need? Do you move? How should you position and begin spending investment assets? Drawing upon our expertise and years of retirement planning experience, we guide you through this maze of retirement related decisions. Eliminating financial uncertainty can liberate you so that you can focus on your passions with confidence and truly enjoy your retirement.

Protecting Your Life's Work - Safeguarding

You've worked hard, saved, invested smartly and built assets. But to ensure that comfortable retirement you're planning for you'll have to be vigilant. We offer advice on protecting your growing nest egg from a variety of threats such as inflation, fraudsters, litigation and yes, even your own actions.

Define Your Legacy - Navigation

A retirement ship successfully launched must still be safely sailed and maintained. Sustainable spending and skilled portfolio management will keep you on course. We will also be here to advise you on other important needs, such as wealth transfer and tax planning opportunities, including estate planning and gifting to loved ones and or charities. Our mission and role is to guide and advise you so that your retirement years are a fulfilling, rewarding legacy to your life.