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The GM Advantage

The financial services landscape is changing dramatically. It can be harder than ever to find the right advisory relationship. We think choosing a financial advisor is something that should be done carefully and patiently. When the fit is right, you will know it.

We offer a unique and valuable service that enables our clients to enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that comes from having their finances handled prudently, and their lives organized and simplified.

Here are some of the important aspects that give our clients the advantage over others:

We are structured to benefit the client

From the way we have structured our business, from our comprehensive financial planning process, to the way we manage portfolios and the investment philosophy we follow; our approach is designed to ensure that servicing clients is our main focus. Our mission is to educate clients, help simplify and organize their financial lives, and create peace of mind for today and the future.

We are independent

As a fully independent firm, our interests are completely aligned with our clients. Our allegiance is solely to our clients as we are not owned by or affiliated with any financial entity such as a brokerage firm, investment bank, or money manager.

We are CPA’s also

Not only are we Certified Financial Planner Practitioners™ (CFP's®), we are also CPA’s, and we know taxes. Saving thousands of dollars on taxes each year because of a tax efficient portfolio and knowing the tax laws so that each client pays the minimum legal tax each year makes a huge difference in in your financial future.

We are experienced

Guy McPhail has worked with hundreds of clients over nearly three decades, and has been recognized as one of the top financial advisors in New Jersey and the United States.

We are fiduciaries

As a Registered Investment Advisor and a fee-only NAPFA member, we are charged with an elevated duty of care, prudence, and diligence. We always put the interests of clients first.

We continue to learn

As CFP’s®, CPA’s and a member of NAPFA and the AICPA, we are held to maintaining the highest standards for continuing education and are required to stay up on the latest laws and developments.