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Our Fees

At The GM Financial Group, LLC, we are proud to be one of the few advisers who are sole fiduciaries. We specifically use a transparent, fee-only compensation model to avoid conflicts of interest and reinforce trust.

A Client Friendly Model

Our clients pay a competitively priced fee for financial planning, investment management and tax services. There are never any sales commissions, surprises or nickel and diming.

After our initial discovery meeting we will quote you a fee for financial planning and or investment management services based on the complexity of your situation. The fee can be either a flat fee, hourly fee or percentage of assets under management fee. We do not require pre-packaged plans.

To preserve our independence and objectivity, we do not accept third party compensation, mutual fund load or 12b-1 fees, referral fees or kickbacks of any kind. All fees are detailed in writing.